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Busselton Aboriginal festival Undalup
Busselton Aboriginal festivals Undalup

The Undalup Association Inc. would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Elders

whose cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture, the land we all walk and

live on, here on Boodjar.

We Respect the presence of the ancestors (Demmala Goomala) who’s Spirits (Djanga) reside

on country (Boodja) and walk their feet (djenna) on the land, their heart spirit (djanga korda)

flow through all creation. We all come together for Country (Boodja).



Act-Belong-Commit Undalup Bunuru Festival 2021

The Act Belong Commit Undalup Bunuru Festival will be held on Saturday, February 13th at Riflebutts Reserve, Prevelly Beach, in Margaret River.  This is an alcohol and drug free family friendly free event which encourage people to celebrate time with their family and loved ones, to celebrate our rich Australian cultural heritage, our beautiful country and pristine environment here in the SW.

Special thanks to the following photographers of our events, Wendy Slee and Double M photography.

 Busselton Aboriginal


poster Bardimia gathering final
DJeran Poster 3s
Festival 2013


The Undalup Association is leading the way in Cultural events and Festivals and we have a great selection of entertainment, workshops and activities available to suit the Noongar seasons for every occasion.

We take pride in our events and work together to bring our Culture to the community, visitors and tourists to the regions of South West WA and regional areas of Southern WA.

The Undalup Association members have a great vast of knowledge and skills with loads of experience in bringing Cultural events, Festivals and workshops to any community. The Undalup Tribal Mix slide show is a credit to us of what can be achieved when working together, as we strive for excellence and the WOW factor in all that we do.

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