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 Act Belong Commit Undalup Bunuru Festival for 2021

The Act Belong Commit Undalup Bunuru Festival will be held on Saturday, February 13th at Riflebutts Reserve, Prevelly Beach, in Margaret River.  This is an alcohol and drug free family friendly free event which encourage people to celebrate time with their family and loved ones, to celebrate our rich Australian cultural heritage, our beautiful country and pristine environment here in the SW.

The 2021 Act Belong Commit Undalup Bunuru Festival will include activities such as, an Indigenous themed kite making workshop and an Indigenous themed kit flying display.  There will also be an interactive Indigenous themed cultural activities craft centre, bee hotel workshops, an Cultural weaving workshop, a contemporary hip hop dance workshop and performance, a cultural dance workshop and performance, food stalls, as well as, entertainment by Indigenous artists such as Downsyde and The Struggling Kings.

Event organisers have taken into consideration the impacts Covid-19 related health protocols have had on communities and families and are well aware the impacts lockdown health protocols have had on families and local businesses.  Therefore, we see this as an opportunity for the community and for families to come together and relax after a difficult 2020.  This as an opportunity for families to spend quality time together and for communities in the SW to re-engage in a culturally inclusive environment.

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