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  • What is a Welcome to Country and am I able to book one through Undalup?
    A Welcome to Country takes place to welcome people who have recently travelled into the area for an event or a function. This service can only be provided by the Traditional Owners/Custodians of the land on which the event or function takes place. Undalup does offer this service in the Southwest area, it can be booked through the website - booking online.
  • What is an Acknowledgement of Country?
    An Acknowledgement of Country is usually delivered as part of housekeeping at functions and events. The aim is to acknowledge the Traditional Owners/Custodians of the area that you are meeting on, as well as the area itself. This service can be provided by those who are hosting the function or event and is not required to be a Traditional Owner/Custodian. Find out more here.
  • Do I need a Welcome to Country or Acknowledgement of Country?
    We suggest that if your event or function is only attended by those who live locally and is a smaller event or function, that the host delivers an Acknowledgment of Country at the beginning. If the event or function is on a larger scale and/or is attended by those who do not live locally this is when a Welcome to Country is required. To arrange a Welcome to Country in the South West, please make a booking online or find out more about how you can do your own Acknowledgement of Country here.
  • What are the Noongar seasons?
    Birak (December - January) Bunuru (February - March) Djeran (April - May) Makuru (June - July) Djilba (August - September) Kambarang (October - November) Find out more from our free ressources.
  • If a booking is made via the website but is not the desired date or time, am I able to change to an earlier session?
    Unfortunately, if the date or time that you are wanting is not shown as available on the website calendar when making your booking, we are unable to provide the service during that period unless there is a cancellation.
  • Is Undalup able to provide information about my own family history?
    We are unable to provide such information, however the State Library of Western Australia may be able to help.
  • Can Undalup help with University or TAFE assessments?
    We may not be able to respond to your request in time as we are very busy and frequently out of the office. There is a lot of helpful information available and can be accessed online.
  • Is it possible to have someone from Undalup provide an Aboriginal education session in my classroom?
    Sorry but Undalup does not provide this service, we advise you to contact your schools AIEO who may be able to help.

If you have any other questions,
please get in touch!

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