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Who we are and what we do

Undalup Association is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2012 by a group of passionate people turning ideas into reality. Undalup is the Wadandi word for Busselton named after a great Wadandi Warrior, ‘Undal’. Undalup Members believe that “from little things, big things grow”.


Put simply, our goals are to:

  • Share the Wadandi culture, traditions, knowledge and history

  • Teach the importance of Boodja (Country)

  • Teach the importance of respect for Wadandi Elders and Traditional Custodians.


Some of the ways we support the growth and diversity of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities are by:

  • Building awareness of the traditional culture and heritage of the South West

  • Providing positive opportunities for Aboriginal people

  • Providing unique community events, educational workshops and projects

  • Creating collaborative relationships with other community organisations


We believe that the shared ownership of our events and projects will lead to a more reconciled and respectful future giving us all a sense of belonging and drawing everyone into the cultural, spiritual, heritage and historical aspects of the area.


Undalup intends to work with local businesses, groups, organisations and industry to increase awareness of the South West as a destination where Aboriginal culture is strong, vibrant and diverse and to develop, in consultation with Aboriginal communities, sustainable Aboriginal tourism products and experiences.

The Undalup Association Events sub-committee has some original and new members ready to bring an event to be remembered. Planning has already commenced with the events having several sub-committees.

The Undalup Association has a minimum of 50 percent membership of Aboriginal People including, the re-elected Chairperson Iszaac Webb, a local cultural custodian of the Wadandi Noongar Area.
The Undalup Inc. Board also consists of the following people:
 Iszaac Webb, Chairperson
 Rachelle Cousins, Vice Chairperson
 Sandra Hill, Wadandi Elder
 Wayne Webb, Wadandi Elder
 Toni Webb 
 Nadine Webb
 Fiona Thompson

TThe Undalup Association Inc. is currently working on an Aboriginal Engagement Action Plan (UAEAP), which is in effect a business plan that uses a holistic approach, to create meaningful relationships and sustainable opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian within our local community .

The UAEAP publicly formalises an organisation’s contribution to reconciliation by identifying actions with realistic and measurable targets and is developed in consultation with Undalup Association Inc. Aboriginal members, the local community, stakeholders, and Elders of the region. The RAP is also about embedding cultural change within whole organisations through building great relationships, respecting the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and creating many opportunities for all, while working together.

The Undalup Association Inc. embraces the Aboriginal culture and with the shared ownership of our events and projects we believe will lead towards a more reconciled and respectful future giving us all a sense of belonging drawing everyone into the cultural, spiritual, and historical aspects of the area. Through the development of genuine partnerships, interpretation and support of the process of reconciliation, together with stakeholder and community education, and co-operation we believe the Undalup Association Inc. will grow and prosper.

We can all benefit from the powerful sense of belonging that is offered by the cultural sounds, rhythm, spirit, art, and ultimately the people. This empowers us all to continue the ancient tradition of reciprocity - reproducing a positive action with another positive actioni

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