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2018 / 2019

The Undalup Traditional owners and Cultural custodians, along with the Undalup NRM team have been saddened by the inappropriate recreational use of the Walcliffe caves, which is a very sacred place to the local Aboriginal people of the south west. A team of Cultural Custodians, Elders, Facilitators, Archaeologists and land care specialists carried out On Country Field trips to assess the area and developed a restoration plan for the Heritage Site. The team coordinated field trips with many youth from various schools, scout
groups and participants from the 'Follow The Dream' program. 

The Undalup NRM team utilizes the natural resources according to their lore, to look after Noongar Boodja (Country), as having a great deal of knowledge and research of the Wadandi region, thier knowledge is vital in the sustainable management of all-natural resources, the land, water, marine and biological systems that are valuable in protecting our environment's wellbeing.

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