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The Undalup Youth group are proud to provide an opportunity for many youth members of the southwest  to participate in the free Cultural workshops. Commencing at 10am, with Cultural dance, contemporary hip-hop dance and a rap music workshop, The workshops offer a great range of Cultural entertainment, which will lead up to a performance of all participants during the main entertainment of the South West Youth Festival.


The Undalup Association in partnership with the City of Busselton’s Youth Shift group, help break down the barriers with having  Aboriginal people included into the youth event, having Cultural workshops as apart of the youth festival, increases the awareness and promotes engagement for everyone to participate.   The youth event promotes the drug aware message, our Cultural youth mentors who are presenting the workshops are great role models at promoting this message to the youth, as to be successful in everything you do, is to stay on a positive path without drugs or alcohol, learning to respect yourself and your Culture, and be proud of who you are and where you are from.   

Workshop facilitators are: Michael Smith being one of WA’s leading emerging artists in contemporary dance, sharing his Technics in Hip Hop dancing with the younger generation. We have had several requests for Hip Hop Dancing for our youth event, as Michael is very popular with the young members of the community.

Shannon Hart Cole made his 1st appearance at this year’s Birak Festival as the Youth ambassador, as Shannon is a Rap Artists and enjoys writing poetry and putting works into rhythm which he then puts into his songs and creates his own music. Shannon has had a desire to teach his skills to the younger generation in a form of a workshop.  By having Shannon work with those youth members who may find by expressing themselves thru music and rhyming words together, can be form of healing, as being creative with words can produce some great outcomes in rap.


The Bindjareb Middars have many youth members in the Cultural Dance group, keen to share their Cultural Dance Technics to the youth in the community.  The workshops include many Cultural dances that are popular with the youth, who learn dance Technics to suit their totem, and / or a part in the dance suited to their gender.  These Cultural Dances are important to the Aboriginal people of the community, as they are traditional dances that are performed at many Cultural events and Festivals. This creates opportunities for many to join professional Cultural Dances at Future events.


The Undalup Cultural Activities marquee  will be set up again, providing cultural activities for parents and /or guardians of the younger children, and youth members, to participate in the many activities available. There will be a great range of Art and Craft projects to create, ranging from the painting of wooden native animal shapes, decorating wooden boomerangs and clapping sticks, which will be used as traditional musical instruments during the performance, guided by our cultural Custodians. There will be some cardboard boomerangs to do as a part of the sand art project. We will also include this year, a cultural banner to decorate as a momentum of the event. There will be lots of activities to do for everyone and all activity items are items to take home as a reminder of the event they attended and the drug aware message the event promoted.

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