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The Undalup Healing Event

The Undalup Association is proud to announce our upcoming event to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the National Apology, “Heal our Past, Build our Future” Sat 24th Feb 2018, 10am till 2pm, Proudly supported by the Healing Foundation.

The Healing Foundation partners with communities to address ongoing trauma caused by the disruption and mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the past 230 years. This includes actions like the forced removal of tens of thousands of children from their families, known as the Stolen Generations.

When Kevin Rudd delivered the apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008 we thought that saying sorry meant that it wouldn’t happen again. However many people are shocked to hear that the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children being removed from their families by welfare agencies is much higher today than at the time of the Stolen Generations. The rate of removal has also actually increased since the National Apology.
 Recently the Undalup Association was successful in receiving funding which gives us an opportunity to Celebrate the strength of our Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians working together in building awareness in the community of the importance of healing for our Aboriginal people and addressing the effects of Intergenerational Trauma

A Documentary After the Apology is being released later this year to explore the continued practice of child removal and the effect it has on communities.

In 2012 and 2013, the Undalup Association worked together with families from the stolen generation of the Wandering Mission, where a gathering was held in Boddington WA. The project outcome was to Increase the understanding of the healing needs of Stolen Generations members in the South West at their healing event. A collection of photos and research has been documented on the Wandering Mission which has been put into display folders where Aboriginal people from the stolen generation of the Wandering mission had the opportunity to see these at the Boddington event in 2013. The photos and folders have not been displayed since, and many of the stolen generation from Wandering still live in the South West and have not had the opportunity to view these photos or documents, and the upcoming Undalup Healing / Apology event will be an ideal opportunity to showcase these to the local and surrounding communities. The Healing event would like to also showcase some artworks from the stolen generation from Wandering Mission, as these artists have found Art as a form of healing in their daily lives. Our Traditional Owner, Undalup Board member; Sandra Hill, also from the stolen generation will host and present the event with the special appearance of Charlie ‘Jdudin’ Riley’s “Artmobile” will be on display at the exhibition.

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