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*Undalup Indigenous Ranger training program applications open now for the 2024/25 financial year see Undalup Facebook for more details
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We are here to share the culture, traditions, knowledge and history of the Wadandi people with the broader South West communities,
to share our deep understanding of Boodja (Country),
to share the significance and respect for the Wadandi Elders and Traditional Custodians. 

Undalup Members believe that “from little things, big things grow”.


The Undalup Association Inc. embraces the Aboriginal culture. We believe that the shared ownership of our events and projects will lead to a more reconciled and respectful future giving us all a sense of belonging and drawing everyone into the culture, spirit and history of the area.


The Wadandi People have a long association with the South West and its natural resources. Aboriginal lore (learning and knowledge of tradition) dictates how best to keep “Caring for Country” and this is something the Undalup Association is sharing with the broader South West communities.


Aboriginal heritage is a central element in Aboriginal spirituality and customary lore and is inseparable from the natural environment which is associated with dreaming stories and cultural learning that links Aboriginal people with who they are and where they belong. Its conservation ensures continued respect for the ancestors and ancestral beings who shaped the land.

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"It is important for others to have an understanding of, and connection to our land, to respect and learn from the Wadandi land and sea management practices, so that together we can all explore ways to keep “Caring for Country”.

“Kaya, Nala Maat Kaya Noonduk (Hello, Our Family Welcomes You) to Wadandi Boodja (Saltwater People’s Country). 


We all come together on Boodja (Country). Whilst on Wadandi Boodja, we ask that you respect the area and walk softly on the Boodja whilst taking the time to listen to the Boodja as she Wongi Birak (Talks of the Season).

We can all benefit from the powerful sense of belonging that is offered by the cultural sounds, rhythm, spirit, art and people.

This empowers us all to continue the ancient tradition of reciprocity (carrying on one positive action with another).

Showing respect and acknowledgement to our Aboriginal people - working together - we can learn and educate ourselves about the connection that we all have with Mother Earth. Knowing its value keeps us together.”

The Wadandi People (Saltwater People) are the traditional owners of this part of the South West of Western Australia and live by the Six Seasons in harmony with their environment. The significant coastal areas are important to the Wadandi people and their connection to land and sea through songs, stories, spirituality and Cultural lore (learning and knowledge of tradition). You can read more about the Six Seasons and the Wadandi ‘Connection to Country’ in our bi-monthly Undalup News newsletter.






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Act  Do something.

Belong  Do something with someone.

Commit  Do something meaningful.

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