Undalup Back to Boddington 2012 and 2013 Community Healing

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KAYA and Welcome to this year’s Boddington Healing Gathering Back to Community weekend, where together we celebrate our local Culture. Read More ...

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The Thorne Families would like to acknowledge our ancestors the Elders, Men and Women, past and present who allow us to gather as Traditional Owners on Noongar country, the people of the “Gnaala Karla Booja” region, in Boddington.


Aboriginal people have always returned to their place of healing throughout the generations. Connection to our country and returning back to where we came from it is still the greatest healing powers we have now and forever. The spirits of our ancestors are calling us home to gather and provide healing with one another, our children and grandchildren. We gather to share our stories our culture and language, to pass our traditions on to the younger generation.


Boddington is a significant place for us as we endured the policies and politics of governments when they placed our children in the Wandering Mission. We have stayed in the region to be with the children, who went to the Boddington School in which we now camp. This is our meeting place next to the Billy Goat Hill, Hoffman River and traditional camping grounds.

Each year we return to find another of our family missing, their spirits are with us, they follow us throughout the Healing Gathering, they provide us with warmth and the feeling of being welcomed in Bringing us Back home where we will continue to come now and in the future with our younger ones leading the way.


Elder Aunty Joyce Dimer

This 1st weekend in November holds a lot of Cultural significance to many of the Noongar People of the “Gnaala Karla Booja” Region. Gnaala Karla Booja meaning Our Home Land.

By providing a form of traditional and spiritual healing at this event, creates a link with all family members, as the spiritual connection is our inner spirit. The inner spirit is the centre of our being and emotions. When the spirit is strong, the mind is strong, which keeps the people healthy and connected together, keeping family and the community strong and the culture alive.

We all benefit from the powerful sense of belonging that is offered by the Cultural sounds, rhythm, spirit, art and the people. This empowers us all to continue the ancient tradition of Reciprocity. (Reproducing a positive action with another positive action).

Many Families have been returning to Boddington for the past 30 years, to enjoy the celebration of being united with family, reconnecting people with their Culture, back at community. It is important for us all to understand the essential features of the Noongar Culture, the special spiritual connection to the land, commitment to family and culture, so we can all walk on this land together as friends and equals.