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Sub Committees

Lisa Chatwin

Gwen Gray & Iszaac Webb


Gwen Gray


Wayne, Toni & Iszaac Webb

Undalup Ranger Programme:

 Iszaac Webb

Undalup Aboriginal Community:

Wayne and Toni Webb


Film Production:

Wayne Webb

Noongar Arts:

 Sandra Hill


Wendy Slee 0427 533 265

Mike Martin 0424705989

and Gerald Magee 0405090494

The Undalup Association has the following sub-committees:

• Events,
• Youth,
• Community Projects, 

• Natural Resource Management
• Ranger Program,
• Aboriginal Community,
• Tourism,
• Film Production

• Noongar Art

Many hands make light work and all sub-committee members can carry out any special activity of the Association where support has been given.
Sub committees are required to report to, and be responsible to, the Board at regular meetings with updates.

Sub-committee rules
 Members may be on one or more sub-committee;
 Each sub-committee must have at least one Executive Board Member;
 Sub-committees have team leaders for each sub-committee.

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