The Undalup Association can provide to the communities of the South West the following services;

  • Welcome to Country

  • Cultural Awareness programs and workshops

  • Cultural Activity Workshops

  • Cultural Heritage Surveys

  • Cultural Workshops and seminars

  • Cultural Custodians for Role Models

  • Cultural Education workshops

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Aboriginal Archaeology and Anthropology

  • Consultation in all areas

  • Cultural Displays

  • Cultural Festivals and Events

“The Undalup Association is at the forefront of reconciliation. It does not exclude anyone but like our committee we use everyone’s, individuality and expertise to contribute by using their abilities and strengths in their selected fields.  All our activity’s not only give our old people, our Elders the strength and determination to show respect and encourage leadership, but generates pride in all ages, all sections of our community, gives them feelings of self-worth, a sense of wellbeing, to be able to share their cultural knowledge with family, school friends, business people, departmental agencies and visitors leads to confidence and gives a head start to self- determination.

Our vision is to share this knowledge with the general community.”

Wayne “Wonitji” Webb – Pibulmun/Wadandi Elder & Traditional Custodian, Undalup Association Board Member.

Our local Traditional Elders, Custodians and team leaders are available for the many services we provide and we can arrange to suit your requirements.

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