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Undalup’s vision is to share the culture, traditions, knowledge and history of the Wadandi people with the broader South West communities – to impart an understanding of the importance of Boodja (Country) and to teach the significance of and respect for the Wadandi Elders and Traditional Custodians. 

Through the development of genuine partnerships, Undalup embraces the Aboriginal culture, and with the shared ownership of our projects and cultural events, we believe it will lead towards a more reconciled and respectful future giving all a sense of belonging and drawing everyone into the cultural, spiritual, heritage and historical aspects of the area.

Undalup intends to work with local businesses, groups, organisations and industry to increase awareness of the south west as a destination where Aboriginal culture is strong, vibrant and diverse and to develop, in consultation with Aboriginal communities, sustainable Aboriginal tourism products and experiences.

“The Undalup Association is at the forefront of reconciliation. It does not exclude anyone … we use everyone’s individuality and expertise to contribute by using their abilities and strengths in their selected fields.  All our activities not only gives … our Elders the strength and determination to show respect and encourage leadership, but generates pride in all ages, all sections of our community – gives them feelings of self-worth, a sense of wellbeing… Our vision is to share this knowledge with the general community.”


Wayne “Wonitji” Webb, Pibulmun/Wadandi Elder, Traditional Custodian and Undalup Association Board Member 

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