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Jess Woodley Allen


The Undalup Association Chairperson, Iszaac Webb and Board members Wayne and Toni Webb, lead the NRM team and working party. The Noongar people have a long association with the environment of the South West and its natural resources.


The Noongar people utilise the natural resources according to their lore, to look after Noongar Boodja (Country). NRM is based on a great deal of research; it is the sustainable management of natural resources, our land, water, marine and biological systems and helping protect our environment’s wellbeing.


The NRM sub-committee are working on some local areas needing our help to preserve and protect Mother Earth. It takes planning and funding to be able to give recognition to such places having Aboriginal history. Spiritual, totemic, and economic relationships with many plants and animals (biodiversity) exist and acknowledgement that Aboriginal people have rights and responsibilities for these places.

Our lands natural resources have spiritual meaning; they provide healing and are valued fort he educational and employment opportunities they create. The Aboriginal people’s


Environmental knowledge associated with our natural resources is of high value to us all and their culture. The management of the environment, both now and into the future, has to be appropriately acknowledged and respected.

The innovation is changing the way the caves are managed and protected, to be known as cultural places – not just geological interest points. This integrated work, sharing of knowledge, and integrating into mainstream management plans, is the way of doing this. This will have flow on benefits for making the public more aware of the cultural landscape that we all now share.

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