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The Undalup Associations latest 'Caring for Country' NRM project, 'Mokidup Revitalization' is a project that is community-led and are project managed from the Undalup Association Wadandi Traditional Cultural Custodians. The Wadandi Traditional Cultural Custodians, are those who hold the CCCC, (Continuous Cultural Connection to Country), as the team of Custodians, Archaeologists, facilitators and land care specialists, assess the areas and develop a restoration plan for the Heritage sites, for the restoration works to commence in a Cultural appropriate manner on the site.

The field works under the guidance of the Wadandi Elders and Cultural Custodians leads towards a more sustainable future aimed at improving the coastal management of Mokidup. A particular focus was on stabilizing the dunes, removing local weeds and educating the public on Wadandi history in the area.

As traditional custodians, the Undalup Association has a great deal of relevant knowledge to share in these areas, both with Noongar and European history. The priority will always be looking after Boodja (mother earth) and understanding of the relationship with the natural environment. It is essential to look after these cultural places, especially sensitive dune systems and fresh water sources, and to educate the public on Noongar history. The project encouraged a greater understanding to the local visitors and the community on Mokidup and how we must look after this important cultural landscape.

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