Association Inc 

(Since 2012)



The Undalup Association Inc formed in 2012, a board of passionate people together turning ideas into projects and events, planning a future that will benefit our community in so many ways.

The Not for Profit organisation aims to support the growth and diversity of our community and build awareness through events, workshops and projects to strengthen community relationships by working together, supporting and providing many opportunities for all.

We are looking for volunteers to be a part of a great team for our community events and projects, enjoy a team work environment, and experience the excitement of planning the events and projects and the energy it brings to the community.


The Undalup Association Inc currently has 10 sub committees, working on many projects. Those interested in being a part of any of the association’s sub-committees projects and events, please come along to our regular meetings.


Our meetings are open for all community members and the public and held on a monthly basis.

Any queries please email the association at admin@undalup.com


If there is anyone you can think of that may like to attend, please forward the info on to them, as we value and support new member’s ideas and input.



Many thanks; The Undalup Association Inc. Members